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New Track · New Journey -- the industry's top mining enterprises gathered in the mountain city, Chongqing sand industry high-quality development seminar was full of Gao Peng

On March 26, 2021, with the theme of "Enabling Scientific and Technological Innovation, Green Integration Development", the Seminar on High-quality Development of Chongqing Sand and Stone Industry and the First Second General Meeting of Chongqing Sand and Stone Association was held in Radisson Blu Hotel Chongqing.The director-general of the department of the ministry of land and resources regulation and monitoring with liu, China gravel association Hu Youyi, China gravel association expert committee, director of Beijing shao-min song, a professor at the university of architecture and other leaders and experts attended the conference, across the sand, head of the association and chongqing participation nearly hundred sand association member units, discuss the way of chongqing sand industry high quality development.

Liu Suichen, former director of the Regulation and Monitoring Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources, delivered a speech

Li Changhua, secretary-general of Chongqing sand and stone association, makes a report on the work of the association

Sand stone, has risen to one of the nine major mining.Release the relevant ministries and commissions of the state in recent years the latest files and sand industry policy, the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than government to carry out the national ministries and commissions such as "certain opinions" and "guidance" issued the relevant policies and documents, from the national level, the level of provinces and autonomous regions analyzes the national and local governments to the attention of the sand industry and promoting measures.

At the meeting, Hu Youyi, president of the Chinese Association of Sand and Stone, made a keynote report with the title of "Sand and Stone Industry into a New Track of High-quality Development". It was clearly pointed out that the core idea of the national "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" is a double cycle, a new development pattern that takes the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other.With domestic circulation as the mainstay, we need to get through all the links of domestic production, distribution, circulation and consumption, and speed up the speed and efficiency of internal economic circulation."New infrastructure" is the most effective way to deal with the epidemic and the economic downturn, and the "two new and one heavy" facilities carrying logistics are of great significance to the internal circulation.

Hu Youyi, president of the Chinese Association of Sand and Stone, made a keynote report

Hu Youyi said that the mechanism of sand, is a revolution.In the next few years, the construction of China's large regional economic circle, the construction of "two new and one heavy", new urbanization, construction, roads, Bridges, tunnels and transformation of old residential areas and other major infrastructure construction, the sand and stone industry is experiencing a great opportunity that has not been seen in a century.The rise of mechanical sand and crushing equipment is unstoppable. The colleagues of sand and stone should not only look up at the stars, but also have their feet on the ground, realizing the transformation from human control to numerical control, and then from automatic to intelligent.

Green development leads the future.Chongqing Longjian Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is based in Chongqing, spreading to the whole country and looking to the whole world. For nearly 30 years, it has been adhering to its ingenuity and "intelligent" manufacturing, and is committed to becoming the leader of the mining machinery industry and contributing to the sustainable and healthy development of China's sand and gravel industry.Under the leadership of Chairman Long Fujian, the company has developed into a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, training and service of green and intelligent mine crushing and screening equipment, providing one-stop overall solution of fine sand aggregate production line and EPCO project general contracting service.


Hu Youyi, president of China Association of Sand and Stone, and Long Fujian, chairman of Longjian Industrial Group, took a group photo

In this general meeting, all the delegates to the new vice president, director for the review and voting, I Chongqing Longjian Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Long Fujian was successfully elected as the vice president of Chongqing gravel association, said that will as always vigorously support the healthy and sustainable development of Chongqing gravel industry.

The congress deliberated and approved the new list of vice-chairmen

In the next ten years, the market demand for sand and equipment is large and will continue to grow.Chongqing sand people will work together to win the "golden era" of the sand industry.At the acknowledgment dinner of this conference, Mr. Long Fujian, chairman of our group, and related leaders made a toast together, for a better and win-win tomorrow!

Chongqing longjian industrial group co., LTD., is willing to work with you sincerely to promote the harmonious development of the city and human civilization!


Warmly congratulated: Mr. Long Fujian, chairman of the group company, was elected vice president of Chongqing sand and stone association

On March 25, Chongqing sand association party branch meeting and Chongqing sand association council held in Chongqing.

This conference aims to implement the spirit of the documents issued by the government departments on the sand industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the sand industry in Chongqing, and promote the high quality and healthy and orderly development of the sand aggregate industry in Chongqing.

At the meeting, Li Changhua, secretary general of Chongqing sand and gravel association, said that the initial 40 of Chongqing sand and gravel association was established to more than 100 at present. The number of members of Chongqing sand and gravel association is growing.Member units include mining enterprises, equipment enterprises, use units, scientific research units, etc., covering a wide range.At the same time, the meeting made a proposal on the addition of directors and vice presidents. Mr. Long Fujian, the chairman of Chongqing Sanming Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., applied to be the vice president of the association and passed the board of directors successfully.

On March 26, the second member meeting of the first session of Chongqing sand and stone association with the theme of "enabling green and integrated development through scientific and technological innovation" was officially held and passed the deliberation and voting.

Chongqing sand and stone association the first session of the second member assembly deliberating voting scene

I group company chairman long fujian said, based on chongqing, radiate the whole country, look to the world, is committed to building western China intelligent, industrialization, standardization of green mining machinery production and manufacturing base, unremitting efforts to promote chongqing sand industry high-quality development.We will be willing to wholeheartedly serve the members of the sand industry in Chongqing, provide one-stop green mining machinery and equipment solutions, bring them high quality, intimate and satisfactory comprehensive services, and make positive contributions to the healthy and orderly development of the sand industry in Chongqing.




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Longjian Group mobile crushing station helps the construction of Kaiyun Expressway

Expressway projects, paved roads, erected monuments, connected to the heart, and accessible to the rich.

In 1932, the world's first highway (the Cologne-Bonn line in Germany) was opened. In 1990, the first standard expressway in mainland China (Shenzhen-Dalian Expressway) was opened. According to statistics, the total length of expressways in my country has now exceeded 140,000 kilometers, ranking first in the world. In the process of urbanization in the world today, the construction of highway projects has stimulated urban economic growth and produced huge social and economic benefits.

China's highway total mileage ranks first in the world

Generally speaking, limestone and granite are the best stone materials required for highway pavement engineering, and basalt and diabase are required to be darker in color for asphalt pavement. The maximum particle size of the crushed stone is 31.5mm, and it is advisable to prepare materials according to the four specifications of particle size 9.5 mm~31.5mm, 4.75 mm~9.5mm, 2.36 mm~4.75mm and 0~2.36mm. The crushing value of crushed stone should not be more than 28%, and the content of coarse aggregate needle flake should not be more than 18% (preferably not more than 15%). Particles smaller than 0.6mm in the crushed stone must be tested for liquid limit and plasticity index. The liquid limit is required to be less than 28% and the plasticity index is less than 9. In order to reduce cracks in the base layer, three restrictions should be achieved: limit the amount of cement on the basis of meeting the design strength; limit the amount of fines and powder while reducing the mud content; limit the water content according to the climatic conditions during construction. During construction, the cement dosage should not be more than 5.5%, the content of particles smaller than 0.075 mm in the synthetic gradation of crushed stone should not be more than 4%, and the water content should not exceed 1% of the optimal water content.

Expressways are like capillaries, giving the country a new orientation for urban transportation. In order to fully guarantee the construction quality of national highway projects, many domestic mining machinery manufacturers have introduced new types of jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, vertical shaft plastic sand making machines, and high-fine crushers through continuous technological innovation. Advanced equipment such as sand making machine and mobile crushing station.

Recently, in the construction of the Chongqing Kaizhou-Yunyang expressway project, the mobile tyre crushing station from Sanming Heavy Industry under Chongqing Longjian Machinery has been favored again. The crushed stone is of high quality and meets the high standards of high-speed road construction stones.

Sanming Heavy Industry, a subsidiary of Longjian Group, has nearly 30 years of rich experience in the production of complete sets of stone and sand production equipment. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit and guide. National 24-hour hotline: 19123267765.

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We have been on the road l Longjian Group 2020 Quality Mileage activities continue to be carried out

On May 25, 2020, the "Sincere Service · Quality Goes Far"-2020 Longjian Group Quality Mileage kick-off ceremony was grandly held in front of the office building of Chongqing Longjian Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Long Peijian, Chairman of Longjian Group, President Long Han Li Jue, General Manager of Quality Management Center and General Manager of Chongqing Stone Technology Co., Ltd., Ma Peiyun, Head of Customer Service Center of Chongqing Sanming Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and after-sales service engineers total 20 The others attended the launching ceremony.

At the launch ceremony, Chairman Long Fujian pointed out that as early as 2017, the company continued to carry out quality travel activities and extended the activities to Tanzania in Africa. This year's Quality Miles was originally scheduled to start on "3.15", but it was delayed due to the impact of the epidemic. We must take back the lost time and make up for the tasks that have fallen. At the same time, he emphasized that this quality journey has three core purposes:

First, approach customers, help customer enterprises to resume production and production in an all-round way, help check equipment operation, promote equipment "full chamber" operation, and increase production output and product quality.

Second, go deep into the front line to understand the real situation of equipment use and operation, and provide data support for the technical improvement of products, so as to achieve technology-based and product-based speaking.

Third, grasp the trend, feedback customer needs and changes in the market, provide ideas and directions for product technological innovation, so as to lay out the future market and win development opportunities.

The first stop of this quality journey is set to Chongqing Station, which lasts for a week and involves multiple sand and gravel production lines in Yongchuan District, Banan District, Zhongxian and other places. Longjian Group's quality management center, customer service center, area sales service station and other staff will work together to continuously enrich the system construction and connotation shaping of the "Longjian Machinery" brand service.

Up to now, the products of Longjian Group have been sold all over the country, and also exported to many countries and regions such as South America, South Asia, Africa, Australia, etc., serving tens of thousands of customers. The company will always adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit of "development and innovation, forge ahead", adhering to the service principle of "customer first, service attentively", based in Wanzhou, Chongqing, radiating the whole country, and even overseas, and strive to stand up in the global mining machinery industry. "Flag.


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Analysis on the development direction and wide application of mobile crushing station

       In 1907, Germany developed a mobile crushing unit, which walked by itself on rollers and was equipped with a screening device.
       In 1956, German krupp company developed mobile crushing station, which was the first large-scale mobile crushing station in the world and was applied to quarries, which had a great influence on the development of mobile crushing station in the future.
       With the rapid development of industry in our country and constant progress, for a variety of resources, such as phosphate rock, non-ferrous metals, coal demand increasing, many from the ground or near the ground mining developed into deep mining, the current adopt the broken pieces of stationary or mobile station has been unable to play the advantages of its own, so develop the mobile crushing plant has become an important development direction in the future, and the situation became more and more urgent.
       Chongqing longjian group has been focusing on mining machinery and equipment for nearly 30 years and is committed to making a contribution to China's manufacturing industry.
Through continuous research and innovation, the successful launch of cross trowel mobile crushing station brand.
       Small make up, here is a brief analysis of the development of mobile crushing station in the future,        the shortcomings hope to be understanding.

       Mobile crushing station is a large equipment that integrates feeding, crushing and conveying. At present, it can be used in material conveying and processing places, such as metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other industries.
Mobile crushing station has gradually become the main equipment for continuous operation and semi-continuous process intermittent operation. It has been widely used in iron ore, phosphate ore, non-ferrous metal, limestone and other hard rock stopes.

1. Structure characteristics of mobile crushing station

Crawler mobile crushing station structure

Wheeled mobile crushing station structure

Generally speaking, mobile crushing station is mainly composed of receiving hopper, feeder, crusher, discharging arm, steel structure, crawler walking device and other parts.
According to the difference between its position and shifting mode, it can be divided into two types at present: self-shifting mode and other shifting mode. From the perspective of market application, the former one is widely used and has a trend of increasing gradually.

When the self-moving crushing station is in operation, the material is directly fed by the excavator or bucket, which has many functions such as feeding, crushing and conveying. It can eliminate the intermediate link of automobile transportation and improve the loading speed and efficiency. At the same time, the semi-continuous process system of the self-moving crushing station has low production cost and flexible walking movement.
Its walking device has the tire walking type, the hydraulic step type, the crawler type and the track walking type and so on.

He moves the crushing station.
Generally, the movement is completed by crawler transporter or other towing (towing) equipment. According to the weight and height of the whole equipment, the moving and setting mode can be divided into integral moving and setting or split moving and setting.

Second, the advantages of mobile crushing station

1. Mobile crushing station has the characteristics of flexibility, convenience and strong mobility, which can greatly save the cost of infrastructure investment or equipment relocation in mining, transportation or processing.

2. The installation of a whole set of integrated unit equipment avoids the installation of infrastructure such as split components on complex sites and reduces the consumption of human, material and financial resources.

3. Mobile crushing station can not only process materials on site, but also move along with the continuous advance of the mining face. It is not necessary to move materials away from the site through automobiles or conveyors before crushing and processing materials, which can greatly save the transportation cost and time of materials.

4. Flexible combination and strong adaptability.
According to different crushing process requirements to form a different process, but also can be run separately.

5. Reliable performance and convenient maintenance.
At present, the main equipment components of mobile crushing station have been optimized and strengthened, showing the characteristics of high strength, excellent performance, compact structure and convenient maintenance.

Third, the domestic mobile crushing station development

Compared with the advanced countries in the world, China is accelerating the development of mobile crushing stations and has made continuous progress.
In 1968, in the process of learning from and absorbing the experience and technology of foreign mobile crusher, China independently developed the first mobile crushing station, whose crushing capacity reached a medium level, high production efficiency, energy saving, flexible movement and easy installation laid a foundation for the development of China's mobile crushing station.

At present, domestic mobile crushing station manufacturers constantly adjust the direction and focus of the industry, on the basis of constantly learning from and absorbing foreign advanced technology, increase the support of scientific research funds, and vigorously improve the level of independent research and development and manufacturing of mobile crushing station.
Chongqing longjian group is fully aware of the development trend of mobile crushing station, overcomes all kinds of difficulties, increases the development strength, and successfully launches the klaas trowel KLSM mobile crushing station, striving to make a contribution to the rejuvenation of the national equipment industry.

Iv. Development and improvement direction of mobile crushing station

Cross trowel mobile crushing station under chongqing longjian group will continue to innovate and develop from the following aspects:

1. Large scale and oversize.
Large scale can improve the processing efficiency of equipment, reduce the investment in infrastructure and save the cost. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development in the future, and the development of large mobile crushing stations will become the development trend of mobile crushing stations in the future.

2. Improve the level of automation.
Through the use of advanced equipment or technology, make the whole crushing system more perfect, the whole crushing process to achieve a high degree of automation control.

3. Improve the reliability of the equipment.
As mobile crushing stations are heavy in weight and generally work in very harsh environments, they require high reliability. Therefore, on the premise of meeting the production needs of mobile crushing stations, the structure of mobile crushing stations should be simplified as much as possible to reduce production costs and improve reliability.

4. Improve the maintainability of the equipment.
Because the mobile crushing station is generally uninterrupted work, once shut down will cause a great loss, so the requirements for its maintainability is higher.

5. Noise prevention and control.
The existing mobile crushing station has a large noise, which is harmful to the physical and mental health of the workers, so it is necessary to strengthen the research on the prevention and control of the noise in the future.

6. Dustproof.
Mobile crushing stations generally work in very bad conditions, with serious dust and air pollution, which is not conducive to the physical and mental health of workers. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research on dust prevention and pay more attention to environmental and social benefits.

Chongqing cross trowel-wheeled mobile crushing station

The development prospect of mobile crushing station

At present, as the world resources consumption increasing, the large increase in mine production, the mining depth increasing, the advantages of mobile crushing plant more highlights, and mobile crushing plant technology matures, more diverse products, in the mining industry to promote large complete mobile crushing station, to reduce the mining cost, promote the rapid development of the mine is of great significance in the world.

Keywords: mobile crushing station kloss trowel mobile crushing station development direction is widely used

Reference: current situation and development of modern mining mobile crushing station

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Chuangxiang wanzhou: KL series caterpillar mobile crushing station of longjian group won the second prize in the competition

       At 7pm on September 24, 2019, the Longjian Group's participating projects successfully entered the finals of the "Chongqing Three Gorges Bank Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition "Yu Chuang Yu Xin · Chuang Wan Wan Zhou" 2019.

       It is reported that this Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and "Creator China" Chongqing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Wanzhou Branch is organized by the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, District Science and Technology Bureau, District Economic Information Committee, District Network Information Office, Youth League District Committee, District Women's Federation Co-sponsored by the District Disabled Persons ’Federation, Chongqing Science and Technology Financial Service Center, District Development and Reform Commission, District Finance Bureau, District Urban-Rural Construction Commission, District Cultural Tourism Commission, District Agriculture and Rural Commission, District Health and Health Commission, District Commercial Committee, District Logistics Office, District Big Data Bureau, District Market Supervision Bureau, Wanzhou Economic Development Zone Economic Development Bureau, District Forestry Bureau, District Transportation Bureau, Jiangnan New District Administrative Committee, District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chongqing Three Gorges Bank Wanzhou Branch, Three Gorges Metropolis News Agency, District Employment and Talent Service Bureau , District Science and Technology Information Center, Chongqing Three Gorges Advertising Industrial Park, Wanzhou Branch of the Municipal Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association. The purpose of the contest is to find those double-creation people and double-creation events that happen in Wanzhou and those around us who work hard for their dreams.

       The competition was officially launched on July 10, 2019, and more than 200 projects have signed up to participate, covering industries such as industry, agriculture, culture, tourism, and medical treatment. After more than two months of road show competition, our company's entry project crawler mobile crushing station won the second prize of the competition (20,000 yuan bonus) for its excellent product performance and wide practicality. The project has a compact structure, easy installation, small size, light weight, convenient transportation, and flexible walking. It is suitable for the operation environment of various sites: such as the relocation of high-speed high-speed rail, water conservancy and hydropower projects, on-site operation of tunnel bridges, and off-site metallurgy Mining and processing, municipal engineering, commercial concrete and stone production, and direct recycling of construction waste. Our KL series mobile crushing station has the characteristics of noise absorption, fuel saving 25%, intelligent control and so on.

       As reported by the media, the "KL series mobile crushing station" launched by our company is our company's energy-saving and efficient innovative technology product, which is called the walking construction waste processor. It can not only turn construction waste into treasure and produce sustainable development environmental benefits, but also bring high economic and social benefits, and have a good role in promoting regional economic development and building a harmonious society.

     "Development and innovation, forge ahead" is the constant entrepreneurial spirit of Longjian Robot. Although this competition is over, we will continue to move forward on the road of high-tech enterprises integrating R & D, production, sales and service, and strive to bring more efficient and environmentally friendly innovative stone making to the society. Sand machinery and equipment!

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The birth of an emerging industry: urban construction waste treatment and recycling

       Green water and green hills are Jinshan and Yinshan. At present, China attaches great importance to ecological and environmental issues. Construction waste occupies about 40% of the total amount of urban waste. A large amount of construction waste is transported to suburbs and open dumps without any treatment, causing greater pollution and damage to the natural environment. How to deal with construction waste? As a senior employee of Chongqing Crostro Environmental Protection Technology, the editor briefly shared the treatment and recycling of construction waste.

        1. What is included in construction waste?
        Among a large number of construction waste, including concrete blocks, asphalt blocks, waste residues, waste metals, waste plastics, decoration waste, packaging materials, etc.
        2. Emerging industries of construction waste recycling
        During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China has placed the construction waste recycling industry as an emerging industry in a relatively important position, and issued "Several Opinions on Further Strengthening the Management of Urban Planning and Construction", pointing out that construction waste should be established. Recycling and recycling system, while the Ministry of Construction issued a document clearly pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the promotion and use of green building materials, strengthen the research and development of recycled building materials technology, and improve the quality of solid waste products.
        3. Innovative development of construction waste treatment equipment
        In order to research and develop construction waste disposal machinery and equipment suitable for different regions of China, many large domestic machinery manufacturers have successively borrowed and developed the country's waste sorting and treatment technology, and innovatively withdrew from a variety of mobile crushing and screening equipment. Chongqing Crostro Environmental Protection Technology has successfully launched a variety of tire-type mobile crushing stations and crawler-type mobile crushers.
        4. Utilization of construction waste
        Construction waste must be sorted out first, and this is where mobile crushing and crushing stations provide screening. At present, the recycling and utilization of construction waste in China are mainly divided into two categories, one is to make blocks and bricks for construction, and the other is to make construction aggregate, which is divided into coarse and fine materials. The recycling of construction waste to make recycled building materials is currently a relatively common method of utilization. In addition, a lot of construction waste is construction concrete and construction muck. These muck can be recycled to make bricks, and some abandoned construction bricks can be added with some auxiliary materials to make lightweight blocks. Waste materials such as waste cement, sand, glass, etc. can be made into hollow block bricks, hollow partition boards, porous bricks and other building materials through professional processes, and can still be used for construction engineering again.
        Because construction waste is mainly solid waste, these solid wastes can be crushed and reused, and after crushing, they can be made into some aggregates for industrial and construction engineering construction. Aggregates can be divided into coarse aggregates and fine aggregates. Coarse aggregate is generally used to make concrete for construction, which can be used for foundation reinforcement and road maintenance. Fine aggregate is generally used for masonry mortar.
        V. Strong support from relevant departments
        At present, the utilization of construction waste resources has been highly valued by relevant departments, and a series of documents and regulations have been issued to provide some corresponding preferential policies for the expansion and rapid development of construction waste resources enterprises, and encourage private enterprises to strengthen their operations to Scientific systems and regulations improve the recycling rate and utilization rate of construction waste. At the same time, a pilot city of construction waste has also been established, which has provided lessons for construction waste recycling and utilization in many areas. Relevant departments have also introduced preferential policies to encourage thoughtful individuals and enterprises to strengthen technological innovation and R & D, and gradually establish an industrial chain of construction waste treatment and resource utilization, thereby achieving the green and environmental protection of construction waste.
        In summary, the utilization of construction waste is an emerging industry. If you have the idea to join the industry, you can contact the Kross Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. of Chongqing Longjian Group to purchase mobile crushing stations and enjoy market dividends to green the motherland Great rivers and mountains contribute a lot!


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