The 2022 Spring Festival holiday notice of Longjian Group
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Dear old and new customers and partners:  

You are good!  

Farewell to the old year, decorated to celebrate the New Year.  On the occasion of the approaching Spring Festival, I sincerely thank you for your long-term trust and support to our company.  

In 2022, we will continue to provide you with quality service!  Thank you for traveling with you!  According to relevant regulations, combined with the actual situation of our company, we hereby inform the following information about the Spring Festival holiday in 2022  

Spring Festival Holiday notice of Longjian Group:  

◎ Duty phone: 400-023-0808  

Happy New Year to you all!  

Year after year, month and everything goes well;  

Day after day joy without worry, always happy joy.  

Full of youthful spirit, minute complacent;  

The month circle person circle flower is good, thing shun industry shun xing.  

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